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1120 Rhode Island Ave- New Name, Rendering and Logo

With the new year upon us, we’re excited to have three large condo projects underway in downtown DC.  One project that has moved forward with great speed over the last month is our 8-unit building at 1120 Rhode Island Ave NW.  We’re pleased to announce that this building will be called “The Newport Tower Condominiums.”  The name is a reference to an iconic stone tower in Newport, Rhode Island (story below).  We also finalized the color scheme and the logo.

The color scheme includes a gray for the building and blue shades for the window trim.  It looks clean and historic without being boring.
Our logo uses a font popular in the late 1800’s when this building was originally constructed.  We picked an angle for the drawing that really emphasizes the grand scale of the tower.

We spent hours and hours going over potential names for our project.  A good building name is memorable, unique, and provides a groundwork for the marketing materials.  Our intention at this project was to stress the tower (the most stunning architectural feature on the building), the location (on Rhode Island Ave) and provide some historic reference (because the building is so historic).  We brainstormed and discovered the Newport Tower, which is one of the oldest standing structures on the east coast.  It’s located in Newport, Rhode Island, and most historians date it to the 1700’s, although there are some who think the building might be several centuries older.  It was used in several ways- as a lookout tower, windmill and munitions base.  We loved the fact that the shape is so similar to the tower on the building at 1120 Rhode Island Ave.

Here’s a picture of the Newport Tower structure in Rhode Island.

Thank you for considering a property from us. Historically our units go under contract quickly so if you are interested, we would encourage you set up an appointment as soon as possible.


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