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The Thompson Flats

We finally had a week of nice weather, so we’re really working to get the exterior work done. The biggest exterior projects are finishing the brick, building the front and rear patios, and finishing the roof. One side of the brick is finished, and the masons are working hard on the alley side. We made a lot of progress on the roof, although it’s still not done. Inside, the HVAC is finished, and the electric and plumbing are very close. The final task is the sprinkler system, which should go in this week.

On the alley side, we started cutting out the windows in the basement. This would have been a lot easier to do from the beginning, but we were still working out some details with the layout, so we decided to just wait and do it after the framing.
The brick guys made a lot of progress on the left side wall. The building is 50 feet long, and each brick is only 2 inches tall by 4 inches wide, so you can see why it takes so long to go up. They do each course one at a time to make sure that everything is level. Doing some quick math, that means it takes 900 bricks to go up just one foot.

This is the first floor unit. You can see the ductwork on the right hand wall and the all of the electric boxes. This week we’ll start insulating.

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