About Lock7 Development

Lock7 Development, LLC is a boutique real estate development firm with over thirteen years of experience. We specialize in developing townhomes, multifamily buildings, mixed-use properties and self-storage facilities in both Washington, DC and North Carolina. We create unique and exciting places to live, shop and work with a strong emphasis on creative design and environmentally-friendly building techniques. 
Lock7 principals Patrick Conway and David Gorman met while renovating homes in Baltimore, MD and quickly established a shared vision for the future of their real estate endeavors.  Their first project together in 2007 was a $50,000 full renovation of an existing townhome.  With gradual but steady growth, Lock7 has developed over $450,000,000 in market-value and manages over $85,000,000 in assets. Our geographic reach continues to expand as our passion for building quality properties leads us into new markets.